Gardener Rates & Prices

All you need to know about the costs of hiring a Gardener including hourly and daily labour fees as well as tips on keeping the price down.
Gardener rates

Gardeners can perform various tasks for a homeowner. Trimming and mowing the lawn, garden, and hedges, doing decorative work, general maintenance, or something stump removal. Whether you're installing new sod and a new lawn, need your lawn mowed weekly, or want to add new floral beds and arrangements to your yard, there are many professionals you can hire.

Before you ultimately choose a gardener, you should compare several locally. This will serve as a guide for homeowners who aren't sure who to hire, or the rates they should be paying, for the services they want completed.

What jobs does a Gardener do?

A Gardener can carry out a number of jobs including the following:

  • Trimming, hedging, mowing, and general maintenance and lawn care.
  • Stump removal and grinding services.
  • Emergency cleanup after a storm or major weather threats/conditions.
  • Gardening, flowering, plating, and adding floral arrangements to the garden area.

Gardener Rates Calculator

Most gardeners will charge a flat rate of £50-£150 for services. This included general maintenance, weeding, trimming, and hedging and cleanup work. Of course, depending on the type of work a homeowner is hiring them for, these rates may vary.

For something like planting, stump removal and grinding, or more "heavy lifting" type of services, rates can easily climb to £50-£100+ per hour due to the expensive equipment required. When it comes to emergency cleanup and similar services, rates can be extremely high based upon your location and the gardener's experience and reputation.

Most gardeners will charge flat day rates; and, if you are a repeat customer, their rates typically drop a bit, so you can expect to pay £15-£50 per hour in some locations. The frequency at which you hire the gardener, the types of services, and the amount of work which has to be completed, are all variables which are going to affect the overall pricing.

Homeowners should compare several local companies, in order to ensure not only that they find the most affordable pricing, but also the most qualified team of gardeners.

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How to Find a Gardener - Why Experience Matters

You will quickly learn that rates can vary from as low £20 to over £100 in some areas. Because of this, some sites offer a service to connect you to competant gardeners who can help with your work. Sites like myjobquote will help you narrow down your options to the most qualified professionals in your area. So, you know you are hiring the best gardeners, regardless of your service needs, and that you are not going to overpay them for the work which they are contracted to do.

Gardener Hiring Checklist

Before hiring a Gardener, these are a few questions you might want to ask.

  • What is included in your flat or hourly rate?
  • Is more than one person going to come to my home or is it a flat rate per gardener?
  • Is the cost of equipment included in the rates I'm being charged?
  • How much will I pay if the work doesn't last the duration it was quoted at? Is there a minimum rate your company charges?

Watch out for Extras

The type of service is the greatest indicator as to the price you will pay. Something like emergency cleanup or stump removal services are going to be costly. If, however, you simply need weeding and hedge trimming done a couple of times a month, your rates are going to be more reasonable.

Like other services, your location will play a major role in the pricing of services. Cities tend to be pricier than smaller, suburbs and less populous regions are going to charge for the services which are being offered to its locals.

Experience, reputation, and equipment rental will also impact your rates. This is even more so the case if the gardener has to rent additional equipment in order to do the job for you. So, the more complex the work, the more ornate and the more detailed the services are, the more you can expect to pay when hiring a gardener.

Many companies are also going to charge a premium rate if they need to send out 2 or more gardeners.

How to keep the costs down

Shop, compare and understand discount pricing. Understand seasonal pricing as well. During peak seasons, the rates gardeners are going to charge is higher than during off-peak season or months. So, if it is a project which can wait some time, you might want to consider doing it when it is not a busy season.

Not only will this reduce the overall price for the job, but it is also more likely that the gardener is also going to get to you quickly, and complete the work in a timely fashion, rather than run into delays or setbacks after being hired.

Can I do the job myself?

Sure, you can do your own weeding, gardening, planting, and general lawn care yourself. But, the main reason people hire gardeners is lack of time, or simply because they don't want to do these jobs. Further, some services like emergency cleanup, stump removal and grinding, and larger planting and excavation work has to be done by a certified professional.

So, if you are considering DIY gardening, you can do the smaller and more simple gardening jobs, however, there are certain projects which are left to the professionals, due to equipment needs, and dangers in completing these jobs if you aren't experienced in doing so.