Joiner Rates & Prices

All you need to know about the costs of hiring a Joiner including hourly and daily labour fees as well as tips on keeping the price down.
Joiner rates

Joiners perform several different jobs/projects for customers. They often do more articulate or decorative work than carpenters, so if you need any intricate woodwork for your home, such as updating a specific wood piece, or want something like a cabinet, frames for windows, or new doors built, hiring a joiner is a great option. Before hiring a joiner, this post will help you understand the costs which will enable you to find affordable and qualified local joiners in your area.

What jobs does a Joiner do?

A Joiner can carry out a number of jobs including the following:

  • Joining wood and other materials to create intricate woodwork pieces.
  • Measuring, fitting and detailing wood pieces to create "decorative" wooden items.
  • Working with different grains of wood to sand, sculpt, and create works of art.
  • Working with wood materials to build frames and doors.

Joiner Rates Calculator

A joiner will charge anywhere from £20-£40 per hour. Depending on the type of work they are performing, as well as the intricacy, detail, and other aspects of the joinery services being provided, prices might obviously be higher or lower. In addition to a flat hourly rate, many joiners set their fees based on a "project rate". This is to ensure they make a minimum amount, regardless of the duration it takes to complete a project for their customers.

Where you live, the types of materials, and intricacy/detail involved in the work being performed may also impact the overall price you are going to pay when hiring a joiner. In the event more than one joiner is required to do a specific project or complete a job, the hourly rate for an additional joiner might be a little higher as well.

Cost of wood and supplies, their skills, and experience in the field should also affect the overall price you can expect to pay. No two professionals are alike, so comparing quotes and minimum rates is the best way to find the most qualified and reasonably priced joiner.

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How to Find a Joiner - Why Experience Matters

Online services are a great way to compare local tradesmen. You can compare online reviews, ratings, learn about the work they perform, and other factors, which will help you narrow down the options when hiring a joiner. A site like MyJobQuote can also help you find the most affordable joiners locally. Comparing their hourly rates, cost of materials and supplies, and how long it will take for them to complete a job, are a few indicators as to who you should hire. Relying on various online sources, which are unbiased in their reviews, will help you eventually hire the most qualified professionals.

Joiner Hiring Checklist

Before hiring a Joiner, these are a few questions you might want to ask.

  • What types of wood and materials do you work with?
  • Do you perform all types of joining/woodworking, or specific tasks or jobs?
  • How long will the project take to complete?
  • Are there any guarantees for the work you are providing?

Watch out for Extras

Prepping surfaces, doing design work before they begin the joining process, or having to work on multiple projects/tasks at the same time, might affect the rates you are going to pay when hiring a joiner. A more complex or ornate and detailed job is obviously going to cost more than hiring a joiner to cut out a rectangular space, to install a new window frame. You also have to consider the locality, as some joiners may charge to travel further.

Joiner pricing will be driven by market needs. If they are in high demand, or have a busy schedule, you may end up paying a premium for the work they are going to perform. The types of jobs you hire them to do, duration, and the intricacy and detail, are also going to have an impact on cost. You will quickly learn that comparison sites and price quote sites can help you narrow down your options when it comes to hiring the most qualified joiner locally, whiyle also helping you find the most affordable prices.

Joiner costs

How to keep the costs down

Compare before you hire! This is really the easiest way to ensure you are not going to overpay for a job. And, if you are hiring them to do multiple projects, you could benefit from discounts. Most trades professionals will charge a premium to buy supplies for you, in addition to the cost of those supplies; so you may be able to save money by purchasing supplies/materials yourself.

Can I do the job myself?

Most of the projects you'd hire a joiner are not necessarily DIY-friendly jobs. Many people hire a joiner because of the intricate detail and design skills they provide. So, although it is going to result in a minimum daily rate when hiring a joiner, unless you are a woodworking professional, you will find that you will benefit more by hiring a professional to do the job, as this will result in a high-quality end product.

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