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Everything you need to know about finding and choosing the best Garden Tiller including important features, top product reviews and FAQ's.
Garden Tiller

Fertile soil is critical for plant and vegetable growth. If seeds and floral arrangements don't have a fertile place to grow, you can't expect them to thrive. A garden tiller will not only help spread the soil and prepare it for gardening but will also make the process far less time consuming than if you were to do the work manually. In addition to spreading the soil, and creating a level surface for growth, the garden tiller will reduce the amount of time you are working in the garden and will allow you to reap the benefits when you see your garden cultivate.

The three best Garden Tillers

  1. Best Money Can Buy: eSkde
  2. Cheapest: The Handy
  3. Best Value for Money: Greenworks

How to Choose a Good Garden Tiller

Garden tillers are available in manual, electric and gas varieties. Some are larger and more powerful, while others allow you to manually dig deeper into the soil, remove weeds, and level the area where you plan on growing/gardening. Depending on the area you are working on, and whether you are doing work in a residential or a commercial garden, the garden tiller you choose will vary for each individual.

There are various factors to consider when choosing a garden tiller including power, precision, how easy it is to operate, how smooth it runs, and the speed at which it can perform tilling. Depending on whether you want something with more wattage or a tiller which can cover a larger plot of land at once, there are different varieties, sizes, and product categories you can choose from. Regardless of your budget or required, taking the time to compare these factors, and the power of the garden tiller will help you choose the best product for gardening.

The Top 3 Garden Tillers

Having reviewed dozens of different products these are what we believe to be the best Garden Tillers on the market.

Best Money Can Buy: eSkde

This cordless garden tiller operates on an 18-volt battery, and has an adjustable, multi-grip handle, which makes it extremely ergonomic for extended periods of use. It is powerful, can operate for about an hour on a single charge and features a sharp, multi-edged blade, to cut and cultivate uneven areas of land. It is perfect for vegetable and plant allotments when preparing an area for gardening.

  • 18-volt battery lasts long and guarantees high proficiency.
  • Long-lasting battery allows you to get the job done in less time.
  • Ergonomic grip and adjustable frame makes it comfortable for any user.

If you want something easy to use, this cordless tiller is a great piece of gardening equipment to consider investing in. It is powerful, the battery life lasts longer than other similarly sized machines, and it can easily cultivate a mid-sized plot of land on a single charge. Ergonomic grip design, simple toggle and shut off features, and a large base, blade system, are a few great features this tiller offers.

Cheapest: The Handy

This garden tiller is powered by an 800 watt motor. It can easily work through large areas of clay, till the area in a short period of time, remove clumps, and cultivate a smooth, even area for gardening or when planting veggies or growing floral arrangements. It is perfect for preparing to seed a small to mid-sized plot of land, and will do the work of manual tilling in a fraction of the time. It can cut weeds and uneven/earthy stone areas easily, and is powerful enough to work through an entire plot of land.

  • Ideal for smaller to mid-sized garden areas.
  • Earthy, patchy, and unlevel plots of land can be tilled using this garden tiller.
  • It has an 800-watt powerful motor.
  • It features a thermal shut-off safety feature.

For those who are looking for something affordable, with a powerful motor, you'll get just that with this 800-watt tiller. It is easy to use, and although it does require use of both hands when tilling, it is easy to use, and in tight spaces. It will also reduce the total amount of time you'll need to till an area/plot of land, when preparing your garden area for planting and growth season.

Best Value for Money: Greenworks

The Greenworks 40-volt tiller is powerful, efficient, and will get the job done in a fraction of the time it would take for a manual tiller to do. Fade-free power, no memory loss after charging, and 4-adjustable, forward rotating tines, make this a great option for those who are looking for power and precision with a reasonable price. It also has an adjustable tilling base, so you can use it in smaller or larger gardens.

  • 40-volt battery and no memory loss after recharging.
  • Adjustable tilling base.
  • 4 tine blades which are durable, rugged and operate quickly, reducing the time required to complete the job.

Tilling a garden is the only way to properly cultivate the land, and create a level, smooth area, for gardening. With several different products available, it is important to consider the features, size, and power of tillers. This machine is not only powerful but has extended battery life, is powerful and efficient, and has a large tilling base, allowing you to complete the work you're doing, in less time, and more efficiently.

Important Features

Before buying a Garden Tiller, these are a few features you should consider.

Adjustable base

The tilling base should be adjustable. This allows you to change dimensions based on the area you're tilling and the size of the garden you are working on.

Adjustable base

Ergonomic grip

You want want to avoid strain and stress, especially when working on larger areas of land. With an ergonomic grip, not only is the tiller easier to work with, but also requires less strength and effort on your behalf.

Ergonomic grip

Long battery life

With a battery-operated tiller, you want something with a long battery life, and a tiller which charges quickly. The more powerful the wattage or the battery, the greater the power, the more efficient the work, and the less time it will take you to finish tilling the land.

Long battery life

Blade power/strength

Whether it is a dual blade system, or features multiple blades, they should be powerful, and efficient in order to till through the toughest or uneven areas, when working in the garden. Consider the operability, speed, and precision of the tilling blades.

Blade power

Types of tilling

This relates to the type of land or soil it can till. Choose a tiller which can work on uneven land, soil with rocks, weeds, or other obstructions in the way. This will not only be more powerful, but requires less bending and manual labour, if the tiller can work through these obstructions in the garden.

types of tiling


This depends on the voltage of the battery, the amount of time you are using the tiller, as well as the power being used to till the land. If you are using it for five to ten minutes, it will likely last for several weeks, as opposed to if you are using the tiller for an hour or more at a time.


A garden tiller can make gardening and preparing the soil for fertilizing and planting, a much easier job. However, this is only true when you have the right tiller to work with. There are many factors including size and deciding if you want a manual or battery-operated tiller. Making these decisions will help you narrow down your options, when you're ready to purchase a new garden tiller.