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Best Carpet Steamer

Everything you need to know about finding and choosing the best Carpet Steamer including important features, top product reviews and FAQ's.
Carpet Steamer

A carpet steamer can get tough stains out, can help restore damaged areas, or can help get rid of stuck on dirt, which simply won't come out with traditional vacuuming or mopping. Relying on steam-technology, these systems not only penetrate the carpet fibers, but get deep into the carpet's underlay, in order to lift and remove dirt and stuck on messes. From wine stains to chocolate, or the dirt your dog dragged in when you weren't home, a quality carpet steamer can do wonders in your home, and help restore the dirty carpeting throughout the home. As you will discover through your usage, there is a multitude of steam cleaner uses in the home beyond just carpets and will likely become a key part of your cleaning arsenal.

The three best Carpet Steamers

  1. Best Money Can Buy: Polti Steam Cleaner
  2. Cheapest: Morphy 12-in-1
  3. Best Value for Money: Vax S7

How to Choose a Good Carpet Steamer

Not all carpet steamers are as well-made as others; some have more steam settings, others allow you to adjust more temperature levels, and some have specific settings to choose from, based on the type of stain and carpeting. Many carpet steamers can penetrate much deeper into the carpet and underlay than others; this is also going to help get out the tougher, deeper, set in stains, which have been living in your carpet for years.

When choosing a carpet steamer, all of these are important factors you have to consider, in order to find the best carpet steamer. Additionally, you want to look for a product which is easy to use and can be used on all types of carpeting. Some commercial steamers produce higher levels of heat, and steam levels, so this is also going to help penetrate the carpeting, and will work better on stuck on stains. You also want to choose a carpet steamer which guarantees it can remove certain stains, which are often impossible to eliminate.

For whichever steam cleaner you choose, it would be best advised to understand the steps required for steam cleaning your carpets before purchasing. Similarly, to be aware of the steam cleaner maintenance that is required to keep your steam cleaner in working order

The Top 3 Carpet Steamers

Having reviewed dozens of different products these are what we believe to be the best Carpet Steamers on the market.

Best Money Can Buy: Polti Steam Cleaner

This mini steam cleaner is highly maneuverable, and produces high levels of heated steam, to tackle stuck on messes in your carpeting. A 4-bar steam gets out bacterial buildup, and kills up to 99.9% of viruses and germs in the home. It also includes additional attachment heads, for deep scrubbing couches and other fabric materials. It is certified at eliminate dust in the home, creating an allergen free environment as well.

  • Eliminates allergens and dust from the air.
  • Helps remove viruses, germs, and debris in the home.
  • It comes with attachment heads, for cleaning and spot treating other surfaces/materials in the home.

Steam cleaning not only helps in spot-treating and cleaning, but also in removing allergens, dust, and mites from your home. This carpet steamer is going to do these jobs efficiently, and it maximises penetration, with a larger base coverage area. It is highly maneuverable, compact, and easy to operate. Whether you want something efficient, powerful, or guaranteed to do the job properly, this is a great carpet steamer.

Cheapest: Morphy 12-in-1

Floor head cleaner, carpet steamer, furniture cleaner, and more. With 12-unique features, this carpet steamer is not only going to remove dirt and stuck on messes from carpet and fabric, but is also going to create a cleaner home for your family. The 2-in-1 detachable handheld device also allows you to work in tight corners or larger surfaces and a collapsible handle, allows you to easily fold the steamer away when not in use, for storage.

  • 12-in-1 feature allows you to use the steamer on multiple surfaces.
  • It has a deep steam cleaning setting.
  • Simple 1-touch button emits steam/water, for cleaning and sanitizing an area.
  • Eco-friendly design and simple removable handle, for easy storage.

Clean, efficient, maneuverable, and various uses; these are a few of the many great benefits you'll appreciate when choosing a new carpet cleaner for your home, in this great model. In addition to being highly affordable, it has multiple uses, and you can easily adjust or change the steamer head, based upon what you are steaming, the surfaces, or the type of cleaning (dust, dirt, allergens, stain cleaning, etc.) you are doing, this carpet steamer provides you with several options for efficient use in the home.

Best Value for Money: Vax S7

The multifunctional steamer can be used as a mop, on carpet, on furniture, and other upholstery surfaces. Clean the windows and drapes, eliminate dust and allergens from your home, spot treat that stain on your carpet, and more. An integrated, handheld design gives you full control of this system, and allows you to seamlessly reach the toughest areas and spaces, you couldn't reach with traditional vacuums or mops.

  • Steam various surfaces from windows and mirrors, to carpets and tile.
  • Heats up in a matter of seconds, and is ready for steaming in under 30-seconds.
  • Angular floor head allows you to reach tight corners and edges.

Steam cleaning made simple; this is exactly what you will get with this floor steamer. It can operate on multiple surfaces, it can clean set in stains, get rid of smudges or handprints, and you can easily spot treat an area with set in dirt, a traditional cleaner can't eliminate. The steamer is efficient, it heats up in seconds, and the versatility makes it a great option for those who are looking for an all-in-one steam cleaning system for use at home.

Important Features

Before buying a Carpet Steamer, these are a few features you should consider.

Multiple steam settings

Different temperature settings, and the ability to adjust the steam head/settings, based upon the types of surfaces you are working over, is a feature to look for. Whether using it on carpets, couches, or steam cleaning a tile bathroom, you want your carpet steamer to provide multiple options for use, and steaming capabilities.

Attachment heads

Replaceable attachment heads, or nozzles are a great additional feature to look for as well. With many products, you can find heads which are intended for use on drapes, on carpet, on shag rugs, or on upholstery and other fabrics. Depending on what you are steaming, there are several different products you can choose from, when looking for a new carpet steamer.

Allergen/dust removal

In addition to spot treating and cleaning, a major benefit of steam cleaning is the ability to remove dust, debris, allergens, mites, and other particles in the room. The higher the heat and temperature settings, the greater the capability to create a cleaner environment for you and your family. Look for this feature when choosing a new carpet steamer to invest in for use at home.

Angular head design

An angular head allows you to reach tight corners, crevices, and use the steamer in areas which a traditional vacuum or other floor cleaners, are not capable of reaching. If you have a home with tight angles, corners, or difficult areas to reach in it, this is a nice added feature you should look for, when investing in your new carpet steamer.

Multi-surface/material settings

Like vacuums and other floor cleaners, more and more products for cleaning the home today, serve dual or multiple purposes. The same can be said for carpet steamers. So, look for those products which you can use to clean nearly any surface in the home, as it will eliminate the need to invest in multiple cleaning products and supplies.


Most steamers are going to have directions and manufacturer suggestions on them. This will indicate the types of surfaces, carpets, fabrics, and upholstery you can use the steamer on, for safest uses, and to ensure the best/deepest clean possible, when steaming the surfaces.


Not only will your home look cleaner, it is also going to be allergen, dust, and mite free, when you use a carpet steamer regularly. As there are so many varieties, and products which can be used on multiple surfaces, and for different forms of cleaning, it is important to consider several models/products, before choosing one. This is the best way to find the highest quality product, most efficient steamer, and the one which will deliver on the promises made, in keeping your home safe, efficient, and as clean as possible, at all times.