Moderniser Comparison Carpet vs Laminate Flooring

Carpet vs Laminate Flooring

All you need to know about Carpet and Laminate Flooring including maintenance and installation costs, suitability, appearance and overall value.
Carpet vs Laminate

Choosing between carpet and laminate flooring is one of the many choices you'll make as a homeowner. How much traffic is there in the home? Do you have kids and pets? Do you want something easy to clean or material which is sturdier and will last longer?

These are a few of the many questions you should ask before you choose a material for your home. Individuals who are getting ready to buy a home, remodel their home, or simply considering a change in the near future, will greatly benefit from reading the information which is provided in this piece.

Pros & Cons of Carpet

Carpet Flooring

Carpet is extremely affordable and it is extremely easy to maintain. It is also beneficial in the fact that you can choose from several different textures and padding levels, based upon the style/look you want to achieve when you are adding it into any room of the home.

You can choose from several different overlays, and you can also find patterns which will flow well, with the rest of the decor you have in that particular room. You can easily customize it, to fit into one room, or throughout the entire home easily.

Carpeting is easy to maintain for most homeowners as well. You simply have to vacuum a few times a week, and it should last for several years to come in the home. There are, of course, several drawbacks you should also consider if you are deciding whether or not to install new carpeting in the home.

First off, it does hold onto dust, allergens, and debris; if anyone in the home is allergic to these things, then the carpeting might not be the right choice for you to choose to install in your home.

Carpet can also tear if furniture or other items are dragged over it; or, if you have pets, they can easily tear it up easily with their claws. Additionally, carpet can get stained easily if you spill certain items on it, which is very difficult to remove, especially if that liquid penetrates to the lower layers and the underlay of the carpeting, which is in the rooms of the home.

Although carpet is padded and can provide protection to your kids in the rooms, it might not be the best choice for all rooms of the home. These are a few factors to consider if you are deciding whether or not to install carpet in the home.

  • Carpet is padded. If kids/guests fall, there is less likely a chance they are going to get injured.
  • Carpeting comes in various colors, textures, and patterns, so you can easily match it.
  • Carpet is easy to care for and maintain, as long as you vacuum a few times weekly, it should retain its shape well for years.
  • Carpet retains dust, allergens, and mites whereas laminate will not.
  • Carpets look dingy and dirty, even if you vacuum, if they have been installed for many years.
  • Carpeting is harder to maintain with liquid spills, especially if you have kids or pets in the home.

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Pros & Cons of Laminate

Laminate Flooring

Laminate is a great option for the homeowner who wants something that is very easy to maintain and care for, doesn't require much maintenance or work, and will hold its shape well for many years. Laminate comes in several colors, finishes, and grades.

You can also choose from flooring which looks like real hardwoods, porcelain, or other luxurious material finishes, only you are going to pay a fraction of what these materials would cost when you choose to install laminate in the home.

Laminate can be installed in nearly any room of the home. It only requires you to sweep it, and mop once a week, or twice, and it should retain its shape well, and will look good in the home. It is also a great option if you want to add a unique spin to each room, you can choose from several different finishes and colours, allowing you to decorate each room of the home as you see fit.

With laminate, you do have the possibility of shifting. Laminate can get damaged if you drop heavy items on it, but generally retains its shape well over time.

Laminate does require you to clean it routinely, which is something not many homeowners want to do. And, it is prone to sunlight damage and fading over time, which is going to cause it to look older/dated, even if it is not that old.

Laminate is a material which might not be suitable in rooms where you have kids sleeping in. So, you should consider the safety aspect, as well as the overall appeal and aesthetics of the room and home, if you are considering the option to install laminate flooring in one room, or throughout the entire room of your home, when you are ready to install new flooring.

  • Various grains, colors, and material-appearance finishes.
  • Affordable and easy to care for in the home.
  • It does not require maintenance often, nor do you have to replace it often, if you take care of it.
  • It can shift, as it is not as durable as the real material (hardwoods, porcelain, tile, etc.).
  • It is prone to damage/fading from sunlight.
  • If you have kids in the home, it might not be as safe as carpeting, which is highly padded.

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Let's Compare!

Ongoing Costs & Maintenance

Both the cost of, and levels of maintenance required with laminate flooring, is going to be easier for you to handle as a homeowner. Carpeting is costlier, it gets dirtier easily, and it retains dust and allergens. With laminate, all you have to do is install it, and the flooring should maintain its form/shape well, after years.

On the lower end, it costs about 5 pounds per square metre, which is cheaper than carpeting, which will run a minimum of 10 pounds with most contractors you would hire to do the installation work in the home.

Carpeting also requires more maintenance. It has to be cleaned more often, it shows signs of wear, and it can get stained easily, which isn't the case with laminate flooring in the home. It has the deep padding underlay which also requires a deeper cleaning, which is not something you'll have to worry about with laminate flooring installed in your home.

If you desire affordability and something that is easy to maintain and care for in the home when choosing new flooring to have installed in the home, the laminate is by far the superior option to choose as a homeowner.



Appearance & Suitability

Laminate is also a nicer choice appearance-wise if you want something that is neater, elegant and looks good in any room. The simple fact that you can choose from various colors, finishes, textures, and designs, allows you to fully customize the flooring, in each room of the home, when you choose new laminate floors to install.

In addition to this, laminate comes in different layers of thickness. You will have to pay a bit more per square metre for higher quality laminate, but this is going to hold its form better over the years, and it is also going to look more luxurious in the home.

Carpeting can get dirty and it can stain very easily; so, it can detract from the beauty of the flooring in the home, even if you have a very elegant carpeting installed. And, the fact that it holds onto dust and allergens, makes it a poor choice if you have kids or pets, or anyone in the home who suffers from allergies.

Laminate is cleaner, it looks more elegant, and it is going to last for years to come when it is properly maintained and cared for by the homeowner, after it has been installed.



Additional Considerations

What else should you consider when choosing between laminate and carpeting? You should consider the durability and how long it is going to last. Laminate is also the superior choice on this end as well. As long as it is well taken care of, and you maintain it over the years, it can easily last for 10+ years in any home.

Homeowners should consider the decor in their home as well. You want to consider a flooring material which is going to match the entire room well, and can easily go well with the decorations, furniture, walls, painting, and other aspects of the room you are going to install that new flooring into.

The time for installation, cost, and costs if you have to do repair work on the flooring, or general cleaning, are all aspects you should consider when deciding which of the two materials you are going to go with, when you are ready to install new flooring.

Laminate is not only easy to care for in any home, it is elegant, it looks good with most decor, and it will outlast carpeting in most cases, making it a superior option for most homeowners when choosing new flooring to install.




Ultimately, it comes down to your personal preference and your budget. However, if you want the material which is easier to care for, the one which will go well with most decor and furniture, and something that is affordable for you to install and maintain over the years, laminate is the superior option for you to choose, when the time comes for you to decide on new flooring for the home.

As a homeowner, you, of course, have to weigh all your options, and take the time to compare the different options/styles which are in front of you. With laminate, you not only have various colors and styles, you also have something that is easy to care for. It goes well with most decor, and if you know who to hire to install it, the flooring will last for many years to come after it has been installed as well.

  • Carpet
  • £ 20
    per m2
    • Costs & Maintenance
    • Appearance & Suitability
    • Additional Considerations
  • Laminate
  • £ 8
    per m2
    • Costs & Maintenance
    • Appearance & Suitability
    • Additional Considerations