Moderniser Comparison Electric vs Gas Hob

Electric vs Gas Hob

All you need to know about Electric and Gas Hob including maintenance and installation costs, suitability, appearance and overall value.
Electric vs Gas

If you're updating the appliances in your kitchen, one of the many options/decisions you are going to have to make is whether to buy a gas or electric hob. In some cases, you are limited by the current installation (and whether or not you can install a gas line where you live). However, if this is not the case, there are many pros/cons for both gas and electric hobs which you need to consider before making a decision. This is a simple guide which is ideal for homeowners who wish to invest in a new hob.

Pros & Cons of Electric

Electric Hob

With modern electric hobs, you have the option to choose between induction and ceramic. Both look good and have various similarities but a few technological differences you should familiarize yourself with as well before you ultimately decide on right one. A streamlined glass look and finish with a smooth surface is one of the most popular options if you are the type of homeowner who does not want to have to worry too much about cleanup once you are finished with meal preparation in the kitchen.

Another important aspect to consider is safety features. Some electric hobs light up when the area is still hot, so if you have kids in the home (or if you as an adult, simply aren't paying attention), this will reduce the chance of burns. You can also stop the hob from being operational, which is nice if you have young kids at home, so there are no risks of getting hurt in the kitchen when you are not around to keep an eye on things.

There are some drawbacks as well. Although they look good and have safety features packed in, they do take a longer time to heat up than a gas hob. If something overspills, you can also end up with burnt food, which is something people don't want when they are preparing a meal. Using magnetism to heat your food can also result in uneven heating throughout, which might require more/less cooking times, based upon the types of food you are preparing for your family in the kitchen.

Ultimately, electric hobs are a great choice if you prefer a modern look and finish. However, they take longer to work with and might not provide the best even heating elements, which detracts from the appearance benefit despite it being the main selling point for customers.

  • Safety features, like auto shut off ensures no one gets burnt or injured in the kitchen.
  • Simplistic and elegant design works well in most modern kitchen spaces.
  • They are easy to maintain with the smooth glass surface top.
  • Heating takes longer than a gas hob.
  • It does not retain heat or transfer heat as evenly as a gas hob.
  • It can result in burnt tasting foods if spillovers occur when you are preparing a meal.

Pros & Cons of Gas

Gas Hob

A major selling point for gas hobs is that they are extremely energy efficient, which can help you reduce your energy bills in comparison to an electric hob, as it will not be plugged into an electric outlet the entire day. In addition, flames run vertically, not horizontally, meaning they are going to spread evenly, retain temperature well, and the hob will also heat far faster than an electric hob. This is great for those who are preparing multiple dishes and don't want to have to worry about meal preparation for several hours when having guests over.

Gas hobs are available in glass or stainless steel; so, depending on the decor and your budget, you can choose from different models, which will fit into any kitchen well. Both materials retain heat well, and will evenly cook your food. With larger burner surfaces, the hobs will also take less time to cook multiple dishes.

There are, of course, some drawbacks you should account for it you are considering investing in a gas hob. They do require more cleaning and maintenance. Unlike the flat surface of the electric hob, these have individual burner tops which require you to clean below the surface. They are also bulkier, and they do not look as elegant as electric hobs do, so they might not be the best option for a modern kitchen.

If you want energy efficiency (up to 10% energy savings in the home), and something that will evenly cook your meals, then a gas hob might be the best option.

  • Gas hobs heat up quickly and retain temperatures evenly.
  • They are extremely energy efficient in comparison to electric hobs.
  • They cook meals evenly, and heat vertically so that the burner will heat up very quickly when preparing foods.
  • They are not modern in appearance like electric hobs.
  • They are bulkier and larger, taking up more room in the kitchen.
  • They do require more cleanup once you've prepared a meal, and don't have the built-in safety features electric hobs feature.

Let's Compare!

Ongoing Costs & Maintenance

The cost of electric hobs are going to be cheaper than gas hobs; and, they are also much easier for you to maintain and require less cleanup than gas hobs require. Because they rely on simpler heating elements, these hobs are not going to be as costly. And, because you do not have to install gas lines before installing the electric hob, this is also a great reduction in overall price, if you don't already have the gas lines set up where you live.

Overall maintenance is also easier with the electric hob. They can just be wiped down because they have a flat surface top. They don't require you to remove different elements or do extensive cleanup work, after every few uses, which is oftentimes the case with a gas hob. They are easy to care for, they are modern, and they are going to look good in any kitchen setting.

For those who want something that is modern in design, is affordable to invest in, and is easy to maintain and clean up each time you use it, then the electric hob might be the better choice for you to purchase when investing in your new appliances.



Appearance & Suitability

In terms of appearance, an electric hob is also a superior option. It is sleek, it looks modern, and it has the simple glass top finish, which goes well with a modern style and decor you have throughout your kitchen. It is suitable to install in any home as well. There are some regions you do not have a gas line set up, or some regions where you can't connect gas lines, which is going to make it virtually impossible for you to install a gas hob in the kitchen for use.

Because you have electric power anywhere, it is the more practical choice for those who are looking for a new hob to purchase for your kitchen. It is modern, it is sleek, and it is going to fit in well with the decor you have in your kitchen space. The simple fact that you can't install a gas hob everywhere (in some regions it is not possible for them to connect the gas lines and power), the electric hob is the option which most homeowners are going to choose today when investing in the new appliances for their kitchen layout.



Additional Considerations

It is important that you consider all aspects of the purchase. When deciding between a gas and electric hob you should consider the safety, ease of use, operability, costs, and the types of foods/dishes you are going to prepare. With gas hobs, you do have the benefit of the even heating, and the fact that it heats up faster. Apart from this, the electric hob seems to be the superior choice, in all other aspects of the purchase decision.

It is also important for you to consider if you can even set up a gas line where you live. If not, the only option you have is to invest in an electric hob, since a gas hob can't be installed and won't operate in the home. With so many different appliances, you want to consider all aspects of the purchase decision, before you ultimately choose between a gas or an electric hob.

For a majority of homes today, electric is the superior option. It is more affordable, easier to care for, and it is the one which can be installed and operate in any region, where some homes can't connect a gas line, so won't accept a gas hob in it.




Whether you are an avid cook, love to experiment, or simply cook out of necessity, you have to choose the right appliances to make your life easier. The electric hob is the superior option for most homeowners, and most kitchens for that matter, today. Not only is it easier to care for and maintain, it is the cheaper of the two options. It is easy to setup, it has built-in safety features, and it is easy to work with in any kitchen, even if you are a novice cook.

Although gas does heat up and retains temperatures better, if you are not a gourmet cook, you might not need to invest in one. So, when the time ultimately does come for you to choose a new hob to install in your home's kitchen, electric is the superior choice which most homeowners are going to choose to invest in today.

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