Cost of a Conservatory

All you need to know about building a conservatory including costs of materials, labour and overall time to complete the job.

A new conservatory is a great addition to your home. Increase usable/livable space, create an additional room for family time or personal enjoyment, or use it for storage needs when you don't have space in the home.

No matter how you plan on utilising the conservatory, it is a great investment you'll be making if you choose to have one professionally installed.

For those who are considering a new conservatory, this post will serve as a guide to help you determine who to hire, and pricing, when you are selecting a professional to perform the installation and design work.

About the Job

Installation of a new conservatory is going to begin with the design phase. As a homeowner, the first thing you should do is contact a local conservatory specialist and design team. Doing this is going to allow you to discuss your vision, the details, design, and any special features you want to be added to the conservatory.

Additionally, you can discuss your budget, space needs, and any other restrictions you might be dealing with when you choose to make this addition to the home. Details of placement, design, and other aspects will take place when you initially meet with the service team.

Once this is completed, and the construction is ready to begin, the initial phase is to evaluate the land. Is it level? Can they install there, or are there permit requirements and restrictions? How much space is available, and can they install water, gas, lighting/electric? All of these details must be worked out prior to construction commencing. At which point, the foundation will be set, and the construction work will begin.

Depending on the materials chosen, the height/width, interior and exterior dimensions, and other custom detail/design work you want to see in your new conservatory, each construction specialist/team is going to take a different approach to install the conservatory.

However, the basic foundation work, installation of plumbing and electric, and other essential elements to the conservatory should all be completed by a specialist who is qualified, certified, and has the knowledge required to do these jobs. This is the only way to know the job is done properly, the conservatory is safe to occupy, and that you can actually enjoy it in the manner you plan on using it, once it is completed.

With many different design elements, phases, and approaches which can be taken to install a new conservatory, homeowners should meet with several service teams and specialists, prior to deciding who they will hire, and the costs they are willing to pay for the work being done. Although it is a costly and timely undertaking, when properly done, a new conservatory is a great investment.

A new conservatory will increase your homes size, usability, and it is a great selling point for you to include when you are listing your home for sale, or hosting an open house if you have plans to sell your home in the near (or distant) future.

Conservatory Costs Breakdown

Here you'll find a breakdown of the costs of building an extension. We've broken the costs down by materials, labour and any additional costs such as waste removal and scaffolding.

Materials 46
Labour 60

Pros & Cons

An obvious benefit of installing a new conservatory is the added space to your home. An added bedroom, guest room, or area to spend time with the family, is always a nice addition. The conservatory can also be utilised as a storage space, a shed, game room, or other uses; you have many ways you can create the space, based on your vision.

If you have limited space, it is an instant way to increase your home's size, without having to move to a new home, which is far costlier for most owners.

There are some cons to consider as well. Installation takes quite some time, especially for larger conservatories. If adding plumbing, electric, or gas, this is going to increase costs of building as well. In addition to this, the project is one of the lengthier ones, in terms of home improvement work you can do.

So, although you are going to enjoy the new space once it is completed, you are going to have to wait quite a bit of time (typically a minimum of 1-month for smaller conservatories), in order for you to actually have the opportunity to use the space in the manner it is intended.

  • Increase the size of your home with a new conservatory.
  • Increase the current property value and any future resale value.
  • Add space where it is otherwise limited, and give your home a distinct appeal which other neighboring properties don't provide.
  • The cost of building a conservatory can easily exceed £10,000-£15,000 in some cases.
  • It is going to take weeks to complete. So, you will have to wait before you can enjoy the space.
  • Installing gas, electric, wiring, lighting, plumbing, and other upgrades, increase cost, and duration for completion.

Potential Problems

Delays in construction may be caused by issues with material delays, or possible foundation/groundwork. If installing new plumbing or lighting, the contractor may have to wait on a permit before they can begin. These are a few of the different setbacks or issues which may arise when you have decided to build a conservatory on your property.

Homeowners might be limited by budget, or setbacks which are caused by unforeseen issues are also going to occur in many cases. This is especially true if you are making the addition to older homes/land.

In choosing to build a conservatory you also have to understand the risks, and possible setbacks which are likely to occur at any point in time or another. These are a few of the concerns homeowners should be aware of, which may occur, and can ultimately end up costing more, and set back the completion date of the conservatory.

Additional Considerations

If you plan on installing lighting, irrigation, plumbing, or even doing something like gardening work around the conservatory and home, these are all projects you may choose to do when the construction phase begins. It is easier to do them during, than after the construction has been completed. It allows the contractor to spot issues early on, remedy them, and not have to do construction/tear down walls, after the construction has been completed.

Because there are several features you may choose to add to the conservatory, they should be discussed with the team you have chosen to hire, for design and construction. Oftentimes, you will learn a company might charge a lower rate for the services, or that they might provide you some additional services free of charge, especially when doing work on a larger/costlier conservatory which is being built for the customer.

Important Information

A conservatory design and construction project is one which has to be done by licensed professionals. Not only for the aesthetic appeal/appearance but also to ensure it is structurally safe. You want to know the conservatory is well-built, is properly grounded, and that foundation is stable below it.

You also want to know that all permits are in hand and that they can do the work in a timely fashion when they begin the construction of the new conservatory. No homeowner is going to have the time, resources, or knowledge, to attempt this construction job on their own.

It is a costly undertaking and one which will require quite a bit of time to complete. If you are considering the addition of a new conservatory to your home, it is important that you find/hire the best professionals, and allow them to do the entire project for you.


Prices can fluctuate greatly. A space of 3500X3500 m can run £8,000 to £12,000. A space larger than 3500X4000 can easily exceed £15,000. Additionally, materials, glass, polycarbonate, wood, and other material supplies and finishes, are going to add to the overall cost. Labour, delays, permits, and other factors also increase cost. The only way to truly know is to compare several quotes from locals in your area.