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Cost of Installing a Patio

All you need to know about having a patio fitted including costs of materials, labour and overall time to complete the job.
Patio Installation

A new patio is a great addition to any home. It provides added outdoor space for enjoyment on warm summer nights, a nice place to install a new hot tub, or even a place to kick back and read your favourite book after a long day at work. Regardless of how you plan on utilising your patio, it is a nice addition for any home and will instantly add value to your property.

Homeowners who are considering hiring a patio specialist will find this post relevant and informational in helping them choose the most qualified for the job.

About the Job

Patio installation can be quite simple in some instances, while other other properties the job is tedious, and will require plenty of planning prior to execution. Initially, the homeowner should meet with the designer and trades-team who will complete the installation to determine design aspects, detail-work, and features.

From there, they can discuss placement, size, materials, and other relevant factors, which will go into designing and building the patio. Once the design aspect is taken care of, excavation might be required.

Leveling the ground, putting up perimeters/barriers for construction, doing siding work on the home, or performing additional preparatory tasks before installation takes place, should be done. Not only will this help to ensure the new patio is being installed on level ground, but also to ensure its integrity and durability, especially if heavy weight amounts are going to be placed on top of it.

Once the foundation is level, a cement base can be applied to the ground. This is where the wooden planks will go into, in order to provide the structural stability for your new patio. Construction will take place in one of many ways, based upon the contractor's design elements, and materials being used for the job.

Contractors will typically construct the perimeter before adding detail work, or pieces. Upon the foundation being laid out for your new patio, additional wooden panels, furniture, water/electric connections, and other special-features can be added into the design.

Because each patio is going to differ in size, material choice, and placement, the contractors who will perform the installation will take different approaches in the construction. Regardless of how they go about doing the job, you want to choose a contractor which will guarantee their work, the stability, and design aspects of your new patio.

As a homeowner, you can hire one of many companies to install a new patio, fit it, and execute the design. Because of this, it is worth taking some time to compare a few of the most qualified local specialists, their credentials, and guarantees, in addition to pricing for the job.

Ultimately, this will allow you to find those who are best qualified to do the job, and design work you want to see installed on the patio, and it is also the best way to ensure you are paying the lowest price for the new patio design and installation which is being performed.

Patio Installation Costs Breakdown

Here you'll find a breakdown of the costs of building an extension. We've broken the costs down by materials, labour and any additional costs such as waste removal and scaffolding.

Materials 65
Labour 35

Pros & Cons

A new patio will increase livable/usable space. This is ideal for those who want to extend the indoors, utilise the outdoors, and want to create a more uniform living space throughout the home. Additionally, the patio will allow you to incorporate decorative elements to your home, new furniture, and a place for outdoor entertainment. All of this will increase the home's curb appeal, and will ultimately increase the value of your home as well, if you do plan on selling it or listing it in the near future.

Cost of patio installation, material costs, delays in execution, or different setbacks throughout the project, are some of the drawbacks of having a new patio installed. Yes, it is a great addition to the home; but, you have to budget accordingly and you have to plan for the setbacks which may occur, once the construction begins.

For homeowners who are considering installing a new patio, not only do you have to consider the design elements and aspects of the project, but also account for the drawbacks and issues which can arise, once you hire a contractor, and once the construction work starts on the new patio being installed outside of your home.

  • Increase the value of your property for future re-sale.
  • Increase the "livable" and usable space of your property.
  • Create a natural extension of your home, and enjoy the interior/exterior of the home fully.
  • Cost of the project, materials, and daily labour rates for hiring a contractor.
  • Delays are likely with major projects like this, and can result in additional services being required.
  • If not properly executed and leveled, your patio can seep, dip, or will appear uneven, after it has been installed.

Potential Problems

Potential issues can and do arise when hiring a contractor to build a new patio. Material delays, leveling work needs to be completed, laying down a new foundation, or additional water and electric work being necessary before installation can take place, are all issues a contractor might run into. Although these are typically easy to fix, when you hire the right team, the cost of doing the upgrades and repair work, is greatly going to increase the overall cost of your new patio installation.

Sometimes, contractors run into problems midway through the job. These might include permit issues, zoning, or even homeowner association rules which limit the construction/design and installation of the new patio. It is best to discuss all possible issues/setbacks before you begin the process of installing a new patio, so you can fully understand the costs and delays which might occur along the way.

Additional Considerations

When installing a patio there are other jobs you can have done at the same time. Some of these include: installing new siding or repairing siding, painting the home's exterior, upgrading the window panels and windows of the home, upgrading a new sliding glass door to access the patio, or doing gardening/lawn work around the perimeter of the area where the patio will be installed.

Of course, the budget you set aside to do the job will impact just how much you can actually afford to do, but since the job is going to take a few weeks to complete, and you already have a specialist on-site to do the job, you might inquire about quotes for these services as well. It will save time, money, and unnecessary services at a later date, if you do all of these jobs at the same time, when installing your new patio.

Important Information

Patio installation isn't a DIY project. Materials, supplies, foundation work, and construction/building permits, are some of the many areas you need experience in, which most homeowners don't possess. Because of this, you should consider hiring a certified specialist to do the new installation work, when you decide to add a patio to your property.

It is a difficult project, it is one which is time-consuming, and setbacks are almost inevitable along the way, especially if it is an older home, or you live in a region which is zoned for specific-use purposes.

Homeowners will end up spending more money, and far more time by attempting a DIY project, rather than hiring a specialist from the onset, when they have made the decision to install a new patio outside their home. A contractor is qualified, experienced, and knows the proper approach to take in dealing with setbacks and issues along the way.


A new patio should take a minimum of 1-week to install, even a very small patio. In addition to preparing the area for leveling, doing foundation work, and additional tasks around the perimeter, the contractors must allow the foundation to settle, which can take 1-2-days or longer, in order to ensure it is structurally sound. For larger projects, or more ornate/decorative patios, set aside a minimum of 2-weeks for completion.